Fee-based Financial Planning

We provide holistic financial advice. Our advice is different for every client we see.

Jonathan can help you get your arms around your overall financial picture, providing you with insight into your financial health. Armed with this information, Jonathan will be able to help build a holistic, tailored financial plan designed to help you reach your financial goals. Jonathan will also help you navigate unforeseen circumstances that may occur during the course of your relationship and make necessary modifications.

Eagle Strategies offers our qualified Financial Advisors the opportunity to provide holistic, fee-based financial planning. It is our belief that through holistic advice, Eagle Advisors develop strong, long-lasting client relationships, as financial planning provides visibility into your clients’ full financial picture rather than just one aspect.

Securing your dreams starts with a financial plan, to see your dreams become a reality, it is important to begin with a sound, yet flexible financial plan. The plan must be specific to you, your goals, and begin with where you are today and put you on a path toward where you want to be tomorrow.

A core part of our philosophy is recognising that every client is different and our value lies in our ability to provide advice tailored for each client's individual circumstances.

We work with clients to build and implement a financial plan for them. We consider and discuss alternatives, we help clients understand their choices and trade offs. Once a decision has been made, we assist clients to put their plan into effect.

For our clients, financial confidence comes from knowing that we will always be honest with them and do our best to help them.

We don't just point people in the right direction and wish them luck. We know that life has a habit of changing. Markets can change, legislation can change, health can change and client goals can change. Part of our job is to work with clients and adjust their strategy as required to ensure they can navigate these changes and still end up where they want to be.


“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Process

- Warren Buffett