Wealth Management

Comprehensive Investment Solutions Designed to meet your specific short- and long-term investment goals.

We believe the best financial solutions are built when an Advisor has a thorough understanding of their clients’ current financial picture and their short- and long-term goals.

Our goal is to provide specialized support and experience, which helps us assess our clients’ needs and identify appropriate solutions that put our clients on a path toward achieving their financial dreams and aspirations.

Of course, no plan can remain stagnant. Life will evolve or unexpected circumstances will arise that require adjustments to a financial plan. By utilizing our solutions and resources we are able to help our clients navigate those changes and evolve their financial plan to meet their new goals.

A research-driven model

Eagle's investment philosophy is built on time-tested academic research into the behavior of financial markets and investors — financial science. Client portfolios are carefully designed to build long-term value through broad diversification, efficient allocation and tax-efficient strategies. It's a consistent, objective approach. We don't play the guessing game.

Keep more of what you earn

Eagles research has led us to focus on the factors we can control, like fees. We receive no commissions or referral fees from the funds or managers we recommend, so our main concern is objectively and efficiently improving your financial wellbeing.

Plan, don't react

Following our financial discovery process, we will craft a personalized investment program that reflects your goals, values and risk comfort zone. Once your plan is in place, we continuously monitor your portfolio and investments to help keep you on track. Feel confident that you have an investment approach based on a solid foundation—and work with you on your financial path toward success.



Through Eagle Strategies LLC,


Jonathan offers a robust program of financial solutions. This wide range of high-quality investment options coupled with superior training and support ensures he has the experience necessary to design tailored financial solutions. Equipped with the tools needed to meet the specific financial goals of his clients while remaining mindful of risk tolerance.

His Investment Research and Due Diligence will help ensure that the investment advised and programs used meet high standards and continuously maintain them. Some of the financial Solutions Jonathan has access to through Eagle Startegies include:

Our Fund Advisory program offers a deep bench of fully diversified asset allocation portfolios across the risk spectrum, as well as focused portfolios that are specialized for a particular objective such as absolute return, diversified alternatives, and income. Our portfolios also offer a diverse approach to security selection ranging from quantitative models to qualitative approaches, consisting of mutual funds and/or ETFs.

Eagle Strategies provides access to our selection of SMA strategies, which offer an extensive roster of investment managers and the full range of asset classes including alternatives. Our Due Diligence team is responsible for screening the available universe of non-proprietary SMAs to ensure we are offering an institutional caliber selection of diverse investment managers.

Our Rep Directed Programs provide flexibility for Advisors and clients to construct their own portfolio of mutual funds, ETFs, and/or equities by incorporating their own views in asset allocation or implementation strategies. Qualified Advisors have the option to leverage one of our three programs:

  • Guided Portfolios – offer an embedded asset allocation, allowing the Advisor and client to determine security selection
  • Rep as Advisor – offers an open portfolio construction process that allows the Advisor and client to determine asset allocation and security selection within established risk parameters
  • Rep as Portfolio Manager – offers the same flexibility offered by Rep as Advisor; however, this program provides the Advisor with discretion over the client account

Our UMA program integrates multiple investment strategies within a single account. The benefits associated with this structure include rebalancing, access to SMA managers at reduced minimums, and an improved client reporting experience.

Through our partnership with Fidelity Charitable®, Eagle Strategies offers the opportunity to open a Giving Account® and make donor contributions through our Fund Advisory and/or SMA portfolios, which are managed by our Financial Advisors. From this account, clients can make grants to their favorite charities and take advantage of the tax benefits offered by these contributions.*

*Neither Eagle Strategies nor any of its Financial Advisors provides tax or legal advice.



* All investment advisory services are offered through Eagle Strategies, LLC, a registered investment advisor. All investments involve risk including the potential loss of principal. Investing in an ETF will give the portfolio exposure to the securities comprising the index on which the ETF is based and will expose the portfolio to risks similar to those investing in those securities. ETFs are subject to market price risk. Shares of ETFs are traded on an exchange and will trade at market price, which may be above or below its net asset value (NAV). There is also a liquidity risk in that the trading of an ETF may be halted due to such things as market conditions. The investor will pay brokerage commissions in connection with the purchase of shares of ETFs.


“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” -Warren Buffett