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The Advanced Planning Group collectively leverages years of practical experience and disciplines in law, accounting and financial service, in order to provide New York Life agents with unparalleled assistance in estate, business, and life insurance planning. Because the Advanced Planning Group supports agents who have a nationwide clientele, the group has insight consulting on estate and business plans at all levels of wealth across all 50 states. The Advanced Planning Group is called to action to advise on hundreds of business and estate plans each year; and that means Jonathan can bring experience, value and insight to your planning situation. The Advanced Planning Group does not provide specific legal, tax or accounting advice.

*The Advanced Planning Group does not provide specific legal, tax or accounting advice.

New York Life’s Advanced Planning Group is a team of nearly 30 professionals with specialized training in law, taxation, accounting, business, insurance, finance, and philanthropic planning. With more than 300 years of collective experience, the APG supports a variety of wealth strategies and business planning objectives in these key areas:

Transnational planning

Business protection and succession

Non-qualified executive benefits strategies

Wealth transfer and distribution

Estate tax mitigation5

Charitable planning


Enhancing your value proposition. In today’s competitive environment, the truly successful professionals add value to their client relationships. Your clients need access to information on insurance and financial strategies to help them prosper and grow— positioning them for a rewarding financial future. In today's competitive environment, the truly successful professionals are those who bring added value to their client relationships. Clients need access to information on products and services to help them, their families, and their businesses prosper and grow—positioning them for a secure financial future

By establishing a professional Alliance with New York Life, you can help your clients:

  • Address their long term financial planning goals
  • Develop Unique and integrated solutions
  • Understand the value of life insurance and other financial products
  • Access resources they would normally have to find elsewhere
  • Your Business can grow through:
  • Enhance client loyalty
  • Improved Client retention
  • Increase marketing exposure
  • Increased revenue
  • If You are interested in learning more about the Professional Alliance Program and the options available to you, Please contact us.

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